Anger Diary


Anger diary is a practical and effective self guide for dealing with anger. It is designed by well-trained psychologists, putting together the best techniques and exercises to manage anger at a personal level. It is an easy and step-wise approach to work on temper issues.
It will guide you to reduce the intensity of temper outbursts and express your anger in a healthy and productive way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this book a replacement or an alternative for professional help?
A. No. As mentioned previously, this book is not a replacement for any kind of professional help like counseling or therapy. It is a supportive journal.

Q. How is the Anger diary different from the regular journal?
A. The Anger Diary is specifically curated, under the supervision of a trained psychologist with direction to anger management.

Q. Is the information in the diary credible?
A. The steps mentioned in the diary are supported by research and are also suggested by psychologists in counseling practice. Information on the effect of sleep, nutrition & meditation on anger is also supported by research and client experiences.

Q. “I do not have extreme anger issues, but would still like to use an Anger diary. Would that be okay?”
A. Of course. This diary is not exclusively for any group of people. Any person who feels that using this diary would benefit them can feel free to do so.

Q. Where can I buy this diary?
A. The diary will be available on Ayuda Mind Care’s website mentioned at the end of the book. There will be related offers coming up, so stay tuned!