Humanology: The secrets of human nature.

The question is not “what is the secret of human nature?” but “where is the secret?”

While we constantly chase our dreams, we look for that one right decision, one right person or the opportunity that brings us closer to our aspirations. We pray to the universe to put things in place for us. We try to seek the opportunities and resources everywhere around us but the secret of life lies within us and not in the outside environment. We ourselves have the clues for our ultimate destination and also the ability to decode them. We are fundamentally created with the capacity to flourish. This book will make you dive within and discover your hidden abilities.  We all are blessed with immense power to set our life on the right track and there are ways to tap into this innate power.  Let the natural human instinct function as a lighthouse and guide us all to reach our fullest potential so as to have gratified life. Being born as human is indeed a blessing!