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I’m Sai Joshi, a psychologist practicing in London’s private healthcare sector and FOunder , AYUDA MIND CARE. But there’s more to me than just that – I’m also an author, a podcaster, and passionate traveler. And behind every step of my journey, there’s been incredible support, especially from my parents.

Back when I was 18, I had two things clear in my mind: I wanted to be a psychologist, and I never wanted to feel tied down by work commitments. So, against the grain, I pursued psychology through the arts stream, inspired by my mom, a dedicated child psychologist.

Tragically, my mother’s sudden passing left me grappling with profound emotional turmoil. During this period, I sought therapy and discovered that mental care isn’t just reactive—it’s an ongoing necessity, akin to a daily ritual. With newfound clarity, I crafted a therapeutic regimen for myself and emerged from the darkness with a purpose: to foster mental well-being worldwide.

With my dad cheering me on, we together founded AYUDA MIND CARE, a place where the mission is simple: to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. AYUDA means “help” in Spanish, and that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

Now, at 28, with years of experience and countless cases under our belt, AYUDA has developed a unique approach to counseling that’s personalized to each individual’s needs. And let me tell you, it’s been nothing short of magical, especially during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In my practice, I specialize in working with adolescents and adults dealing with OCD, trauma, and anxiety disorders. Alongside the amazing team at AYUDA, my goal is simple: to nurture emotional well-being within the global Indian community. Because You Matter!

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    Mind Care Consultant


    Sai Joshi Khedkar

    Mental Health Counselor


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    Psycho-Education Specialist


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    Creative Head


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    Reiki Healer


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    Dr. Sai Joshi Khedkar



    Manjiree Patil

    Psychologist, Sangli


    Kajal Mujawar

    Administrative Head- Psychologist


    Abhishek Bhattacharjee

    Corporate Sales Manager


    Jaanhavi Dhamale

    Psychologist- Pune


    Mayuri Joshi

    Child Psychologist- Sangli


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    HR Manager- Psychologist


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    How does therapy work?

    Our experience of more than 7 years says that one most important ingredients of therapy to be successful is your faith in the therapist.
    Therapy is a process of self-exploration and you are set on a journey with your therapist to understand and identify your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors Some of this might be helpful and some might also be unhelpful, but you are at full liberty to choose the life you want and make your decisions.

    At AYUDA, your counselor will not tell you the right from wrong, make decisions for you, or even be your friend. As a psychologist, our goal is to help you uncover yourself and find ways to achieve your goals so that you can create a shift in your behavior, emotions, and thinking patterns so as to make a positive change in your life.

    How do I know I need therapy?

    If different situations in your life cause significant distress, overwhelm you with emotions, or make you feel incapable of dealing with them alone, it might be a good idea to seek help. Also, if you feel like you need it, without any ‘reason’, that’s also valid.

    See, there’s no right reason to go to therapy. Many different thought processes and life challenges affect us in our daily life, and therapy gives you more space and time to explore and find new healthy ways of dealing with them!

    What happens in the first session?

    Your first counseling session is about developing a working relationship with your therapist. It is like meeting your doctor for the first time. The more open you are about your complaints, the more the therapist is able to help you. Remember you are meeting your personal therapist, which by default means we value your emotions and maintain 100% confidentiality. You also learn about the therapy process and make a therapy plan for yourself with your psychologist.

    At AYUDA, we take that extra step of filling out a client consent form before the first session so that we can get to know you better!

    How many therapy sessions does it take to recover?

    Your sessions end when you decide that your goals have been reached or your concerns have been mitigated. It completely depends on your willingness to work on issues and get back to life.

    Does the therapy process involve any medication?

    Psychologists and Counsellors are by law not licensed to prescribe any kind of medication. So, the answer is a clear no. But in case the counselor finds it absolutely essential, he/she can refer you to another medical practitioner for medication.

    Is therapy for me?

    Therapy is not just for the ill or a curative measure. Therapy is actually a preventive measure to be practiced by everyone regularly. It is like going for a routine health checkup. Here its mental health checkup!

    While one may seek therapy to learn better coping skills, remember that you can also use it as a means for self-improvement and well-being!

    How to book an appointment?

    You can drop a WhatsApp message or call us at (+91 8329744020).

    What are your cancellation policies?

    A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required for a canceled appointment, for a 100% refund. If informed during the 24-hour period, 50% of the counseling fee will be charged. If no information has been shared, the full fee of the session will be charged.

    We appreciate you sending us a message (either text or WhatsApp) on our office number (+91 8329744020) to inform us regarding any changes with your appointment. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Can consultation fees be reduced if I can’t afford them?

    The psychologists in our team have a varying range of fees. The fee for each counselor is based on their expertise, experience in the field, and concerns.

    We have different pricing ranges for self-funded students and AYUDA members.

    For Aptitude testing, the fee of each standardized test is fixed and cannot vary.

    Please contact us over Whatsapp at +918329744020 for more information on the pricing.


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